3333 Hyper Intelligent cyborg Kongz coming to Polygon

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The thrilling journey of HyperKongz, from an embryonic idea to a market-ready product, is a narrative of creativity and technology. Hatched in the lab and launched on Polygon, the project goes beyond crafting digital art. It’s about building community-synced experiences, shaping narratives that resonate and evolve.

We are the KONGZ!!! Stand down your forces and surrender your planet. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own.


In the year 2222, Earth faces its decline, and space exploration reaches its peak. Advanced beings from distant galaxies, possessing superior intelligence and technology, discover our planet's plight. Their mission is to save Earth and its struggling civilization.

However, a mishap during their expedition causes a crash landing in the Jungle. To conceal their presence, they assimilate with a remarkable animal - a fusion of human-like intellect and elite gorilla strength. These beings, now known as Hyper Kongz, are the ultimate saviors, ready to bring stability to Earth.

With the power of a machine and the might of a gorilla, Hyper Kongz remain hidden until the time is right. They are here to take over and guide humanity to a better future.



Frequently asked questions

HyperKongz is a unique digital art project backed by MNFST Lab that presents a blend of the strength of a gorilla and the intelligence of a cyborg.

With a limited collection of 3333 unique NFTs, it offers an immersive, narrative-driven experience in the realm of web3.

As a team , we chose Polygon as the ideal platform for HyperKongz due to its efficient minting, rapid transactions, and a vibrant community spirit.

Polygon allows HyperKongz to not just create digital art but to curate community-synced narratives that birth new experiences.

As a holder, you are a part of an immersive journey powered by a committed team that ensures steady deliverables and no empty promises.

You can expect airdrops, benefits of staking, participation in exciting mutation events, and the opportunity to dive deep into the Kongz lore with constant updates.

The mutation event is a unique part of HyperKongz's roadmap where all Kongz undergo an assimilation and mutation, bringing thrilling evolution to each Kongz and enhancing the narrative experience of the HyperKongz community.

The future of HyperKongz is dynamic and exciting. With a dedicated team and a strong community, HyperKongz is poised for continuous evolution and innovation.

The specifics remain under wraps, but you can expect the project to grow and develop exciting features in the future.